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Autumn Harvest Orchard
Contact: Joanne Charon
Address: 879 Winchester Road Norfolk, CT, 06058
Phone: 203-592-0554
About Us
Autumn Harvest Orchard, LLC is a “Certified Naturally Grown” sustainable orchard, farm and apiary producing naturally grown apples, pears, nectarines, chestnuts, strawberries, blueberries, vegetables and honey. We incorporate Integrated Pest Management practices and conserve natural resources by reducing erosion and pollution of air, soil and water through responsible farming practices. At Autumn Harvest Orchard we strive to build and maintain healthy soils by incorporating healthy farming practices that include rotating crops annually, using compost, planting cover crops and reducing tillage whenever possible.

At Autumn Harvest Orchard we do not use any GMO or chemically treated seeds, synthetic toxic pesticides or herbicides, irradiation processes or sewage sludge in any of our farming practices. We have established beneficial habitats for wildlife such as bats, wood ducks and mason bees and grow wildflowers and pollen sunflowers for pollinators as to encourage beneficial insects and biodiversity.