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Maitri Farm
City: Amenia, NY,
About Us
We are located on the NY-CT border in along the Webatuck Creek and grow for our local community members and amazing restaurants. Our vegetables are NOFA-NY Certified Organic and are harvested fresh to order, guaranteeing the best taste and nutrition. Our cut flowers are grown to organic standards, harvested to order, and can last weeks in your home with proper care.

The farm is named after the first of the four sublime states taught by the Buddha. Maitri has roots in the word "MITRA", which means "Friend." It is sometimes translated as “benevolence.” It is the disposition of love pervading in all directions and embracing all beings.
We are committed to being good stewards of this land, so we are working carefully to preserve our wetlands and waterways, reduce erosion and increase wildlife habitat while reducing invasive plant species. Our field practices include careful crop rotations, intensive cover cropping and fallowing, intercropping and careful monitoring of our irrigation practices. We believe this care and devotion comes out in not only how beautiful the farm looks, but in our delicious food and vibrant flowers.