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Brookside Farm
Contact: Kay Carroll
Address: 79 E Chestnut Hill Rd Litchfeild, CT, 06759
Phone: 860-567-3890
About Us
Brookside Farm II, located in Litchfield CT, is a relatively small and very high quality maple syrup operation. Mark Harran and Kay Carroll, owners of the farm since 1999, make about 250 gallons of maple syrup per year, depending on weather conditions, which dictate the flow and sugar content of the sap. The owners both had careers in the food industry prior to buying the farm. They have applied all their collective knowledge and experience, along with Mark’s childhood experiences on his family’s large sugar bush in upstate New York, to their operation in Connecticut.

Brookside Farm’s production process yields 100% pure and basically 100% organic maple syrup. Unlike some older sugaring operations, they do not use equipment that contains lead, solder or galvanized metal. Most of the sap is collected with tubing and processed in an evaporator and canning equipment that are 100% stainless steel with tig welds.