Northwest Corner Farm
Contact: Stephen Plumlee and Holley Atkinson
Address: 139 Grantville Road Winchester, CT, 06098
Phone: 917-514-1323
About Us
We are a new, small, diversified farm operation in Winchester, in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut. We are bringing back into production a former dairy farm that has been not been used in 75 years.

We offer ~60 varieties of 30 vegetables, ~10 varieties of herbs, and ~25 varieties of flowers. We produce maple syrup from our on-farm sugarbush, honey from our on-farm hives, and log-grown shiitake and oyster mushrooms.

We have also set aside a number of shares for food insecure or low-income families in our community, thanks to the generous support of our members, friends, and other donors.
We aim for sustainability through regenerative practices, including: no-till when possible and low-till when necessary, crop rotation, cover-cropping, and composting. We are fully organic in our practices and expect to receive certification in the near future. Finally, we plan to achieve carbon-negative status through modern methods including rigorous carbon accounting.