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River Ridge Farm
Address: 12 Payne Blvd Portland, CT, 06480
About Us
River Ridge is a four season fruit, vegetable, and cut flower farm in Portland, CT. We use no-till, regenerative practices on all 15 acres to produce the very best quality products. We are here to build up the health of our soils, bolster the resiliency of our community, and share the joy of eating seasonally.
No-Till farming is a holistic method of growing food that takes ecology and soil biology into account. Soil health is the foundation of our whole farm.

In restorative, biologically-intensive, human-scale farming we rely less on fossil fuels while eliminating harmful fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Our healthy, resilient soils provide structure and habitat which resists drought, cycles nutrients, and keeps pests in check.

By not using large machinery on our soils, we reduce compaction and prevent the destruction of the natural biology. We increase topsoil, sequester carbon in the ground.