Howling Flats Farm
Contact: Kelley Babbin
Address: 19 Raymond Avenue Canaan, CT, 06018
Phone: 860-379-8961
About Us
Howling Flats Farm is a 15-acre livestock farm in North Canaan, Connecticut, emphasizing sustainable and ethical farming practices. We specialize in grass-fed beef, pastured lamb, and pastured pork. The livestock includes over 150 Angus beef cattle, a sheep flock, meat goats, and 160 feeder pigs. In addition to the 15 acres owned by the farm, 150 acres are leased for pasture and grazing.

The farm holds certifications from Animal Welfare Approved and Connecticut Grown, reflecting its dedication to high-quality and ethically conscious food production. Engaging with the community is a key aspect of the farm's operations. It includes distribution channels including a meat CSA, direct-to-consumer sales through their website, partnerships with local grocers, and wholesale distribution to other farm stands.

Our small herd of Angus cattle is grass fed and grass finished. We never feed hormones or use antibiotics for growth promotion. All of our cattle are born and raised right here in Canaan CT on pastures that are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

We raise small groups of pigs on pasture to offer you the freshest pork around. In addition to rooting in the fields our pigs eat soy-free & non-gmo grain along with local hay . As an added treat, they also receive pumpkins from local farms and in the fall we gather acorns for them as well.

After eating our pasture raised pork - you will never go back to store bought!!