Daffodil Hill Growers
Address: 124 horse fence hill road Southbury, ct, 06488
Phone: 203-228-7870
About Us
Daffodil Hill Growers represents the third generation of farming for the Blersch family. At a time when milk and eggs were delivered to homes each week my grandfather and great grandfather were chicken farmers. My grandfather moved the farm to our current location in Southbury in 1949 from Stratford. The farm in Southbury became known as Woodside Farm. The land was farmed until the early 90’s when my grandfather passed away. My husband and I began farming in 2006 growing bedding plants and mums for wholesale customers. We soon transitioned to vegetables as a way to fill seasonal gaps. We specialize in heirloom tomatoes, speciality eggplant and peppers, hydroponic lettuce, cut flowers, winter salad greens.
Daffodil Hill Growers is a family operation with Sara, her husband Dan, her parents Dave and Kathy, sister Laura and the most recent addition her daughter Maggie. We strive to grow the tastiest, and freshest veggies around. Let our family feed yours and if you ever have questions please ask, we are not certified organic but use IPM methods as a means for pest control. IPM is integrated pest management, Sara and Dan scout the fields daily for pest or disease issues and if one is found we do not automatically spray. The situation is assessed and then we decide if the disease or pest threshold is at a point where it will start to threaten the success of the crop and at that point, we make a decision to spray. Our first choice of sprays 95% of the time is an organic one.