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Hungry Reaper
Address: 122 Thomaston Rd. Morris, CT,
Phone: 860-483-0922
About Us
We believe in growing food in a manner that is beneficial to our soil, water, air, and people. On our farm, we use practices that adhere to the National Organic Program standards, which means we never use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, only use OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved inputs, and strive to manage our farm in a way that mimics the systems we observe in nature. Compost teas, attracting beneficial insects, crop rotation, biodiversity of plants and soil microbes, and cover cropping are just some of the strategies we use to produce delicious vegetables for our community that are both safe and ecologically friendly. While farmers often get a bad reputation for being damaging to the environment, we believe that responsible management of farmland has the power to sequester carbon, protect our natural resources, and ensure stability of our planet for generations to come. Though we are not certified organic at this time, we invite our customers to come to the farm to see our practices in action.